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News May 2, 2022

Well, betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers got a whole lot more interesting this year. Fans of the franchise should be excited once again as the storm clouds appear to be dispersing over the city of Cleveland for the first time since 2018. That might be hard to believe for those who have been following the team in the years since a little-known player left town (for a second time!), but it’s true. This franchise might not be as futureless as some had considered it entering this season.

Check out our breakdown of the Cavs ’ performance the last few seasons before we look ahead to a future that’s looking brighter every game.

<h2>Cavs Odds Past 6 Years</h2>

YearNBA FinalsProjected Wins

Cav’s record in the last 15 seasons.

·                  2021-22: 35-24; currently 3rd in Central Division

·                  2020-21: 22-50; 4th in CD

·                  2019-20: 19-46; 5th in CD

·                  2018-19: 19-63; 5th in CD

·                  2017-18: 50-32; 1st in CD, Lost NBA Finals

·                  2016-17: 51-31; 1st in CD, Lost NBA Finals

·                  2015-16: 57-25; 1st in the CD, WON NBA Finals

·                  2014-15: 53-29; 1st in the CD, Lost NBA Finals

·                  2013-15: 33-49; 3rd in the CD

·                  2012-13: 24-58; 5th in the CD

·                  2011-12: 21-45; 5th in CD

·                  2010-11: 19-63; 5th in CD

·                  2009-10: 61-2; 1st in CD, Lost in Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

·                  2008-09: 66-16; 1st in CD, Lost in Eastern Conference Finals

·                  2007-08: 45-37; 2nd in the CD, Lost in Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

<h3>Cavities in the Cav’s Team</h3>

The history of basketball in Cleveland over the last 20 years is one that really revolves around one man: LeBron James. After several losing seasons in a row, the Cavs became a perpetual lottery draft team. With another losing season in the books in 2003, the team landed the first draft pick and local high-school phenom, LeBron James. They were so hopeful that they even changed the team’s colors! Lebron’s impact was huge, increasing their wins by 18 games in his first year. In the 2005-06 season, he took them to the playoffs for the first time since 1998, but they lost in the second round.

James continued to carry his team to the playoffs until 2010, when, in a televised one-hour special, he announced he was going to play for the Miami Heat. “The Decision” as it became to be known, was one of the most ridiculed moments in modern sports and fans reacted by burning jerseys and taking down murals. Honestly a fair response.  Many in the media and sports world condemned his decision to chase a championship elsewhere as he previously promised to bring a title to the city.

The following four seasons without James would produce a league-worst record for the Cavs at 97-215. A long fall from basketball grace for fans of the team. The team failed to produce on any side of the ball and it became clear that James’ impact on the team was gargantuan.

In 2014, James, hot off two championships in Miami, opted out of his contract there and rejoined the Cavs. This time, he brought with him top-tier talent in the form of Kevin Lowe and Kyrie Irving in an attempt to create a star trio similar to what he had in Miami. 

Bron Bron and the new trio brought them to the finals in 2015, but they lost to the Golden State Warriors due to Irving and Lowe being injured for most of the series. But, in 2016, James ended the 52-year drought in Cleveland and brought an NBA championship to the city, ultimately fulfilling his promise to the city and its fans. The team would return to the finals two more years before James moved on to LA in 2018.

Once again, the team found itself in a post-James rut, only winning 60 games in the following three years. They have gone through four head coaches in that time.

<h2>Looking Ahead</h2>

Coming into the 201-22 season, hopes remained low for the Cavs. Expected to win just 26.5 games, the team surpassed that by the All-Star break in a surprise to fans and pundits alike. They entered the break as the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference led by Rookie of the year contender, Evan Mobley and are currently fighting three teams to lead the division.

They are now +4000 to win the conference and Evan Mobley is the favorite for the Rookie of the Year at -350. Not all is perfect, though. Many agree that the team needs to fix its turnover issues and shore up talent at the free-throw line, a spot that has nearly cost them multiple victories. As for three-pointers, the Cavs are hovering near the bottom of the league; not where a championship team should be.

The front office looks great, however, and Bickerstaff is the best head coach they have seen in the past three years.

All this being said, the Cavs have been the best team against the spread in the NBA this season covering at an insane 82.8%. The Warriors are the second in that category at 65.5%. That’s impressive.

Cavs are a young team and that means inexperienced in the playoffs, so betting on them in the futures market remains unwise. As a long shot, though, it might actually hit. The Bucks and Nets remain favorites ahead of them, so keep an eye on injuries on those teams before locking down a future bet.

All in all, the Cavs are officially a fun team to watch again. King James who?

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