What If You’d Bet on The Bengals to Win the Super Bowl This Year?

News May 9, 2022

Online sports betting has found its way to the Buckeye state and that means a lot of sports fans in Ohio are eager to place legal bets on their beloved franchises. But if you have been a fan of football in Ohio, there hasn’t been much to celebrate (or even root for) in recent memory.

But all that changed during the 2022-22 NFL season when the Cincinnati Bengals came out of the gate hungry for a championship. Second-year QB, Joe Burrow entered the season coming off of a rookie-season ending ACL tear and took his team all the way to the big game with help from rookie of the year Ja’Marr Chase.

Unfortunately, the team was bested by the “Win Now” minded L.A. Rams in Super Bowl 56, but it was closer than many had predicted. Now, it is all eyes on the Bengals as they hope to make back-to-back appearances in the big game and, this time, secure the franchise’s first championship title.

Now that the big game has come and gone, you might be playing a game of “what if” using your 20/20 hindsight and wondering what you could have won if you had placed a bet on the Bengals back in September of 2021. We are here to help you figure it out.

<h2>Odds of Bengals Past</h2>

Okay, Biff, you’ve come to the future and you are looking to

secure the betting almanac that will make you rich. Well, here are the odds of

the previous few Bengals seasons you can use to build your fortune before Marty

McFly and Doc Brown catch up to you in the future:

  • 2021/22: Win total – 6.5; AFC North 16-1; SB 200-1
  • 2020/21: Win total – 6.5; AFC North 16-1; SB 200-1
  • 2019/20: Win total – 6; AFC North 16-1; SB 200-1
  • 2018/19: Win total – 7; ACF North 15-2; SB +8000

Clearly, the odds of the Bengals doing literally anything of note were at the bottom of the league every year leading up to this year, and for good reason. The team had failed to make the playoffs every year since 2015. And, what’s more, they hadn’t won a playoff game since 1991. That is before most people on their roster were even born. Wow.

Even at the start of this season, the same year where they would go on to play in the Super Bowl, the Bengals had the same Super Bowl odds as the New York Jets. That is to say not very good And it took a lot to convince Vegas otherwise. As the postseason started, the Bengals were 25-1 to win the AFC North.

Heading into the Super Bowl, oddsmakers continued to view the young team as underdogs, and rightly so, as they went on to lose the game, although they did put up a fight against the heavily favored Rams. At kickoff, the Rams were the 4.5-point favorite and while things looked shaky for the Rams at several points during the game, they were ultimately able to come away with a win and end the Bengals hopes for yet another year.

But of course, it wasn’t all bad. The Bengals standing in the league has increased ten-fold and they are now a team to watch in the AFC.

<h2>Betting on the Bengals</h2>

Prior to the 2021 season, the Bengals were enjoying abysmal odds at +7500 to win the Super Bowl and their division. If you had placed a bet on them to win the big game, yes, you would have lost, but if you played the long shot and put just $100 on them to win the AFC, you be sitting pretty on $7600 right now.

Not enough to retire on, but definitely enough to reup and place it all on them

again to run it back. That bet, by the way, would snag you a pretty 114,000, in case you were wondering.

<h2>Better Bets Next Year</h2>

As always, the team that goes to the Super Bowl is always going to enjoy a huge boost in their odds for the next season. The schedule release is a few months away as the draft hasn’t even been determined yet, but the Bengals are certainly no longer at the bottom of the list with the New York Jets like they were in 2021.

As of today, some sportsbooks have the Cincinnati Bengals at +1400 to return to the Super Bowl in 2023 and win it. They are also +650 to win the conference. Not a bad jump for a team that was written off on several different occasions this season.

With all this in mind, though, it might be a good time to throw $100 on the Jets for a longshot…

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