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News May 9, 2022

Ah, the Cleveland Browns. Formally the laughing stock of the NFL (though, the Jets could also lay claim to that title) the Browns have emerged as one of the most dangerous teams in the league.

With the ability to challenge opponents in both the passing game and the running game thanks to weapons like Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Myles Garrett, and Baker Mayfield, the Browns have rewritten the narrative that surrounded them for much of their existence.

While we all wait for the next season of the NFL to start, we’re taking a look at the odds you’ll win betting on the team moving forward.

<h2>Jets Odds Past 6 Years</h2>

YearSuper BowlProjected Wins
2017+20000 (seriously)4.5
2022 (futures)+3500N/A

Browns record in the last 10 seasons.

·                   2021: 8-9-0; 3rd in AFC North

·                   2020: 11-05-0; 3rd in AFC North, Lost Divisional Round

·                   2019: 6-10-1; 3rd in AFC North

·                   2018: 7-8-1; 3rd in AFC North

·                   2017: 0-16-0; 4th in AFC North

·                   2016: 1-15-0; 4th in AFC North

·                   2015: 3-13-0; 4th in AFC North

·                   2014: 7-9-0; 4th in AFC North

·                   2013: 4-12-0; 4th in AFC North

·                   2012: 5-11-0; 4th AFC North

<h3>Black Clouds Over the Browns Team</h3>

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the records from the past 10 seasons to seasons and see that they have struggled. Tremendously at some points. Like, really bad. In fact, in 2017, the Browns became only the second team to have an 0-16 season. That’s almost as difficult as going undefeated, statistically speaking.

After losing 19 games in a row heading into the 2018 season, rookie quarterback, Baker Mayfield led the team to a win in his first start for the team in week three. He struggled at times throughout the season but ultimately led the Browns to their best record in years with help from another young stud, Nick Chubb.

In 2019, the Browns received their best odds in 24 years thanks to the acquisition of one of the league’s most high-profile players, Odell Beckham Jr. Unfortunately, OBJ didn’t have much production on the squad and carried with him lots of unwanted scandal and publicity. Mayfield also had a shaky season himself and the team wound up winning only 6 games, one game fewer than in the previous season.

Then came the 2020 season. Under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Browns started to produce at a high-level thanks in large part to the hiring of former Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator, Kevin Stefanski, as head coach. The team went on to improve from a 6-10 record to an 11-5 record, clinching their first winning season since 2007 and best overall since 1994. They also managed to end their franchise record and league-high playoff drought after 18 years. In the Wild Card round, they got their first playoff win since 1994 but fell to the Kansas City Chiefs the following week in the Divisional Round in a 22-17 loss.

Browns fans once again were left heartbroken, but at least they now had a team worth betting on.

<h2>A Season in Review</h2>

After such a successful season in 2020, the Browns and their fan base had high expectations for the team which had very few changes to its staff and roster in the offseason outside of losing OBJ to the Rams. But, after week two, things started to look shaky.

After throwing an interception to Justin Reid against the Houston Texans, Mayfield tried to mitigate the damage by tackling him. Decidedly not built like a lineman, Mayfield suffered an injury to his left shoulder. He would return to finish the game, but the season as a whole would be negatively affected.

After a Coach of the Year season for Kevin Stefanski, he too seemed to lose some of his shine adding to an underwhelming season for the team. The defense did remain a bright spot thanks to performances from Myles Garret, who earned 16 sacks and 33 quarterback hits.

The team went to miss the playoffs after losing eight of their final 13, the Browns missed the playoffs and were faced with many questions heading into the off season.

<h2>Looking Ahead</h2>

As the Browns and their fanbase look ahead to the 2022 season, many are left wondering if they will be able to rekindle the spark that got them so far in 2020. OBJ is enjoying his Lombardi in sunny LA and will likely stay there, so any hope of him returning should be dashed. But the real story this offseason is whether or not Mayfield is still “the guy”.

The Browns are no strangers to going through QBs. They went through 29 in the 19 seasons before Mayfield laced up in week 3 of 2018. While Mayfield is guaranteed a spot on the roster thanks to his contract, there is no guarantee that he will be the one who starts come week one. More importantly, however, is that the team fills the hole at wider receiver left by OBJ so Mayfield (or his replacement) has someone to throw to.

Still, despite dropping off a bit, the Browns have the 30/1 odds to win the Super Bowl and the 16th best odds in the NFL. You will likely have better odds of winning by betting on the Bengals, but the Browns remain a safe bet on a weekly basis to cover the spread.

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