You’re Special! How to Be an Ohio Sports Betting VIP!

News May 2, 2022

Sports Wagering, Rewards Programs are Coming to Ohio!

Congratulations to Ohio residents!

Late in 2021, the Buckeye State became the 33rd state to legalize sports wagering when Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 29 into law.

The state legislature has vowed sports wagering will be live in Ohio by the beginning of 2023. But it could be much sooner, as the state will start issuing licenses as early as April 1.

As many as 40 licenses will be available for sportsbooks wishing to operate in Ohio – and they’ll all be competing for your business.

One way sportsbooks compete is by offering perks to new customers. They can be as simple as free bets or signup bonuses, or as advanced as loyalty and VIP programs designed to reward a sportsbook’s best customers.

Here’s a closer look at some of the bigger brands in sports wagering, and what they will offer upon arrival in Ohio!

Sportsbook VIP Programs

SportsbookName of ProgramHow to Qualify
BetMGMBetMGM RewardsSports wagers accumulate Bet MGM Rewards Points or MGM Rewards Tier Credits based on the odds, the type of bet and wager amount.   For example, a $50 sports bet is typically good for 9 Tier Credits.   These can be rewarded for online perks, such as increased earning of credits, or in-person benefits such as discounted/complimentary rooms at MGM properties.
BetRivers SportsbookiRush RewardsA program designed for sports gambling in particular, iRush Rewards points are accumulated as you place wager.   But parlay wagers are the specific and preferred method of earning points at BetRivers.

Bettors accumulate points based upon the difficulty of the parlay. A two-team parlay earns one point for every $3 wagered, but a 10-team parlay gets you one point for every 50 cents wagered.   Why? Because bigger parlays increase the ‘house edge’ or likelihood that the sportsbook will win. Big risk with big rewards.   Gamblers can progress through the 10 levels of the program with the goal of receiving an invite to the 11th or ‘Elite’ tier.

You’re considered a ‘VIP’ upon reaching level 7.
Caesars SportsbookCaesars Rewards ProgramCredits are earned through online (or in-person) sports wagers.

The more you bet, the more you earn.   Caesars awards credit based on potential profit, to the tune of one ‘Tier Credit’ and one ‘Reward Credit’ for every $5 you attempt to win. For example, a $110 bet to win $100 would earn you 10 Tier Credits and 10 Reward Credits.   Tier Credits determine your level within the program.

Bettors can trade Reward Credits in exchange for anything from free bets to sports tickets or benefits at Caesars locations.
DraftKingsDynasty RewardsEach bettor earns a ‘crown’ for every $2 wagered on sports.   As you accumulate crowns, you’ll progress through the DraftKings system, gaining access to exclusive contests, welcome rewards, and priority customer support.
FanDuelFanDuel VIPSometimes, in sports wagering as in life, you need to take matters into your own hands.   That’s the case with the FanDuel VIP program, which is by invite only.

A questionnaire and user feedback on the FanDuel site and elsewhere implies that attaining VIP status within another gaming site or sportsbook might help you to enjoy the same perks at FanDuel. Once accepted, you’ll enjoy promotional offers, a specialized account manager, and access to hospitality events to its VIPs.

Progressive Levels of VIP Programs at Ohio Sportsbooks

Of course, the more you wager at a specific sportsbook, the better or higher perks you’ll receive, as you’ll see in this section. Among the most widely available sportsbooks likely to be available to Ohio bettors, here are the VIP levels they offer.

As you’ll see, each has a progression – as you bet more, you earn elevated status and greater rewards and privileges.

BetMGM: BetMGM recently replaced its M Life Program with BetMGM Rewards, but their five tiers remain the same:

  • Sapphire (up to 19,999 Tier Credits)
  • Pearl (earned at 20,000 Tier Credits)
  • Gold (75,000 Tier Credits)
  • Platinum (200,000 Tier Credits)
  • Noir (by invitation only.)

DraftKings: A bettors earns one crown for every $2 wagered on sports and can progress from:

  • Bronze (beginning status)
  • Silver (earned at 25,000 crowns)
  • Gold (125,000 crowns)
  • Diamond (500,000 crowns)
  • Onyx (1 million crowns)

FanDuel: No levels involved here, at least not officially. FanDuel assigns its VIPs by invitation only, and it is strongly suggested that similar status at competing sportsbooks will help your cause.

Caesars: You’ll earn a Tier Creditfor every $5 in potential profit on sport wagers.

  • Gold (starting level, up to 4,999 Tier Credits)
  • Platinum (5,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond (15,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond Plus (25,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond Elite (75,000 Tier Credits)
  • Seven Stars (150,000+ Tier Credits)

BetRivers: BetRivers offersiRush Rewards points off a parlay-based wagering system:

  • Level 1 (40 points)
  • Level 2 (160 points)
  • Level 3 (400 points)
  • Level 4 (760 points)
  • Level 5 (1,400 points)
  • Level 6 (2,800 points)
  • Level 7 (5,200 points)
  • Level 8 (8,800 points)
  • Level 9 (13,600 points)
  • Level 10 (20,000 points)
  • Elite (by invitation only)

Other Sportsbooks Available in Ohio?

We’ll see which sportsbooks earn licenses within Ohio. With 40 total licenses available, there certainly will be more programs and rewards to discuss in the future.

But the sportsbooks mentioned in this article enjoy a sizable portion of the U.S. market share, and we can confidently predict each will be available when the time comes in Ohio.

These programs give Ohio bettors an idea of the amount of wagering expected or required to attain VIP or Elite status, and the perks you can expect to enjoy with your status. Check back for more programs and perks as companies receive licenses.

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