Enhanced Odds Offers

Learn How an Ohio Sports Bettor Can Win Big with Enhanced Odds!

Ohio, sports wagering is finally coming to the Buckeye State!

So how do you best build a bankroll after depositing? Take advantage of the plentiful odds boosts, enhanced odds and parlay boosts offered by the sportsbooks doing business in Ohio. These promotions will be quite common as sportsbooks begin competing for customers throughout Ohio.

Ohio Parlay Boosts

The Benefit of Boosted and Enhanced Odds Offers

First, it is important to understand the typical tenets of sports wagering. A usual wager comes with a ‘house edge’ of 10 percent. The most common odds for any bet you’ll find on a point spread or total are -110. This means that the bettor is risking $110 for every $100 he/she hopes to win.

Under this approach, if bets equal out on both sides, the sportsbook or ‘house’ will make a 10 percent profit off those losing bets. This 10 percent ‘juice’ or ‘vig’ is a big part of the challenge sports bettors face as they attempt to make a profit.

But you can utilize boosted or enhanced odds and parlay boosts to help even the score. Here are a few real-life examples of common promos that Ohio sportsbooks will offer that allow the bettor to make more money on a bet.

Examples of Ohio Boosted and Enhanced Odds Offers

Type of BetHow It Works
The ‘Too Easy!’ BoostA sportsbook offers an almost comically boosted point spread for betting on one (or either) team in a designated contest.

Perhaps the best example was the 2021 NFL season opener between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys. DraftKings offered a spread of Buccaneers +73, a number they chose because the largest margin of victory in NFL history is 72 points. So is it too easy? It’s easy, but only good for $45.45, as the amount each bettor was able to win on a $50 maximum wager.
‘Join the Club!’ BoostFanDuel has made this one popular over the past few years, most recently during NFL Wild Card weekend. The online sportsbook offered to lower the over/under on the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills game by 0.5 points for every 500 people who bet the over. The spread started at 44, but say 5,000 people bet the over… now the teams would only need to eclipse 39 total points to make the wager a winner.

It worked! So many bettors joined the club that the total went all the way down to 3.5 points – the easiest victory of the postseason for NFL bettors. Again, the perks have their limits: in this case, a $25 wager was the maximum on this promotion.
‘Our Star Player!’ BoostNow we’re into bets that could go either way, but the bettor is offered a more modest boost in favor of a certain outcome. Typically, these involve local star players reaching statistical milestones in a game.

For example, if the ‘real’ odds of Joe Burrow passing for 300 yards in a game are +180, Ohio bettors might enjoy a boost to odds of +250. This then makes the wager more attractive. If the event has a high profile, such as Super Bowl 56, the boost may be offered to all bettors. But usually these bets are specific to a state.
Parlay BoostsThis one’s pretty easy but can be very attractive. The payout for hitting a four-team parlay at standard odds of -110 is around 12:1 (paying $12 for every $1 wagered).

With a parlay boost (usually 33% or 50%), these odds become 16:1 or 18:1.

Parlay boosts are typically offered on parlays on three teams or more. So, while the bets are already longshots, the boost makes the potential reward much sweeter.

Are Enhanced Odds Offers/Boosts Good Bets?

The BetPositivesNegatives
‘Too Easy’: the spread is moved drastically in favor of one sideThese bets are essentially free money. In the 2021 NFL opener example, the Buccaneers won the game, and were never in danger of losing by such a large margin. If the unthinkable had happened? At a $50 maximum wager, a loss won’t hurt your bankroll terribly.Not too many downsides to this wager. But you will only win a modest amount.
‘Join the Club’: the spread or total is moved according to how many people bet the chosen sideAgain, the chances of winning are overwhelming. And in the event of a loss, the relatively small wager limits the damage.Same as the above offer – modest risk, modest reward.

You could argue there’s some more risk here than in the ‘Too Easy’ example. If a small number of people take advantage of the enhanced odds offers, the line won’t move much in your favor. This then cuts into your advantage.
‘Our Star Player’: odds of a star player reaching a certain statistical milestone increaseThis wager isn’t a ‘sure thing’ territory, allowing you to profit to a greater degree AND enjoy rooting on your guy.In this case, boosted odds don’t make it any more likely you’ll win the bet. But they do increase the reward for winning. Make sure you’re still placing a sound wager rather than blindly betting this boost. There’s a much greater chance of losing than in the prior two examples.
Parlay Boost: enhanced odds on a parlay bet (usually of three teams or more)If you’re betting a four- or five-team parlay, you already know the odds are against you. Why not make the reward that much greater?Even without the boost, parlays odds are high for a reason. They’re difficult wagers to win and become harder with each side or total added to the bet.

What’s Best: Enhanced Odds Offers or Parlay Boosts?

The ‘Too Easy’ and ‘Join the Club’ promotions are rare. They’re only available a few times a year for special events or specific circumstances. You can’t really build much of a bankroll or betting strategy around these opportunities. They’re just fun freebies.

The risks of parlay betting are self-explanatory. Your chances of winning get worse with each team or outcome added to the wager.

Enhanced Odds Offers

The boosted odds on a player or outcome stand out in this category because they’re available at most sportsbooks for at least one event per day. They may not stand out the way an offer like “Buccaneers +73” or “Over 3.5 points” will. But, if you can get a boost from say, +150 to +225, that edge adds up over time.

Therefore, it pays to have accounts with multiple Ohio sportsbooks. Compare the various books, find their daily odds boosts, and identify the best opportunities. No, you won’t win every time, but the boosts from the wins will help offset the losses.

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